When SDRs and AEs don’t work in tandem, deals are lost.

It’s tempting to focus 100% of your effort on your own responsibilities and quota, but teamwork is necessary to bring the individual pieces together.While all roles in the sales process have their importance, they can’t function separately.In order to be successful, part of your job needs to be assisting the rest of your team.

The following 6 crucial tips for SDR – AE cooperation will help you work more closely as a team, raise your team’s efficiency and ultimately help close more deals.

Close more deals with 6 steps:

1. Establish a clear SLA (service level agreement)

One of the most important things you can do to encourage SDR – AE cooperation is to set expectations from the start. One of the best ways to do this is to agree upon a service level agreement.

The goal is to have both parties understand and accept their own responsibilities and to know what they can expect from the other.

For example: What constitutes an SQL (sales qualified lead)? When should the handoff occur? What information is needed when passing a lead? etc. Make sure you both are on the same page before moving forward to avoid any dropped leads or mistakes.

2. Stay organized

The sales cycle already has a lot of uncontrollable factors, so one of the best things you can do to help your SDR – AE cooperation is to keep yourself organized. Go one step beyond the SLA and create a personal organization system for yourself.

For example: the first thing you do after a call is track it in the CRM, then set up a calendar invite, etc. Create a system for yourself that will make sure you don’t drop anything important. This will help you stay more organized. It will be a lot easier to pass information.

3. Establish the CRM as the source of truth

You probably have your own preferences for taking notes and remembering dates, but all of that data eventually needs to end up in your team’s CRM.

To make sure both parties stay organized, establish the notion that “if it’s not in the CRM, it doesn’t exist.” If either party incorrectly logs data, important steps in the process can be missed. But if you track everything correctly, your bases are covered.


4. Communicate daily

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, including the relationship between SDRs and AEs. Both sides should be committed to communicating regularly throughout the day. From quick notes on Slack to regular debriefs after calls and meetings, actively reach out to your partner and keep them looped in.

If you regularly include your teammates in what you’re doing, they’ll end up reciprocating.

5. Schedule a weekly one-on-one

Daily communication is important, but you will also want to go for depth as well as frequency. Try scheduling a weekly one-on-one to catch up and improve the SDR – AE cooperation.

Throughout the week, take regular notes on what’s working well and which areas need improvement.

A regular one-on-one will provide deeper insight into current opportunities in the pipeline, what has recently worked, what hasn’t and if you need to change your plan of attack.

6. Give encouragement and positive feedback

Sales can be a lot of fun, but it also has it’s downs. Some days are tougher than others, and you’ll both need some encouragement along the way. There will be days when the SDR isn’t providing qualified leads, and other times when the AE simply isn’t closing deals.

Give positive feedback where it’s deserved, and provide encouragement where it’s needed. If you can establish you’re both on the same team, your team will work better through both the highs and lows.

What’s your idea to raise your team’s efficiency? We’d be happy if you share on Twitter or give a comment below.

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