Looking for top-notch leads but tired of running into dead ends? There are tools for that.

You may have a black belt in Google search, and you might think you’re the Karate Kid of finding prospects. But this doesn’t mean that there won’t come a time when Googling for prospects just won’t cut it anymore.

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In other words, blogger outreach is just like everything else in the world of digital marketing. It’s evolving all the time and you need to adapt or die.

No matter how skilled you are, working at bigger outreach campaigns will demand more and more time, and you’ll need to change your methods to survive.

Fortunately, in 2018, there’s a tool for everything. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 reasons you need to start using an outreach tool in your sales campaigns to boost productivity and efficiency.

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5 Reasons You Need To Start Using An Outreach Tool In Your Sales Campaign

1. Outreach Tools Help You To Refine and Tailor Your Sales Messaging

As good as you might like to think you are at using Google Search to find prospects, the big question is how good you are at communicating with prospects.

Personalizing mass messages is hard, not just because of the sheer volume of emails you need to get through, but also because of the fact that understanding how to communicate effectively in a way that resonates with each specific prospect is tough.

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This is all about personalization and having better, more productive conversations with your prospects.

The sales touch process is super important when it comes to converting prospects into customers. Fortunately, you can use tools that help you refine your communication sequencing so that your conversion rates improve – and so does your revenue.

For example, when you personalize your outreach sales emails, you can boost your sales click-through rate by an impressive 14%. Conversion rates, meanwhile, can be boosted by 10%.

When the flow of your communication is better, you’ll develop more leads. But without the use of tools, the sheer mass – and variety – of communication might prove to be too overwhelming for it to be effective.

2. Sales Outreach Tools Let You Segment Your Customers

Imagine if you accidentally contacted one of your existing customers with an outbound campaign? Nightmare!

Or what if you failed to distinguish a contact from a lead?

These are bad scenarios that can easily happen if you aren’t leveraging outreach tools. The right tools allow you to build segments so that you categorize your prospects as contacts or leads, and so that you only contact the right people at the right time with the right campaign.

Tools also show you which prospects are worth doubling down on, and which ones need to be discarded.

3. Sales Outreach Tools Help You Find The Best Prospects

Admit it – no matter how good you say you are at finding prospects on Google, you know that finding the best prospects is actually kinda hard and time-consuming.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if there was a tool to help you out?

In fact, prospecting is one of the most difficult aspects of the sales process, with 68% of companies admitting that it’s a struggle.

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But it’s okay because sales tech in the form of outreach tools can really help you out here. Outreach tools can help you discover high-quality leads, uncover important data on hot prospects and boost the velocity of your sales process.

With over half of our sales time wasted on fruitless prospecting that leads nowhere, making the most of outreach tools is a smart idea. These tools give you access to vital information such as a company’s leadership team (who is on it), their revenue and a list of competitors.

For SaaS companies, outreach tools give you key insights into the technologies your prospects are currently using so that you can determine how qualified a lead they really are.

Doesn’t that sound much better than trawling Google for influencers that aren’t even visible?!

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4. Outreach Tools Can Speed Up The Email Process

Let’s face it, what slows many of us down are the emails.

It’s just not just one or two emails – it’s dozens of emails to dozens of different prospects. Each email must be customized, and you need to keep on top of sending them out, as well as tracking them. It can really slow you down.

As you might have already guessed, there are outreach tools that take care of all this for you.

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With outreach tools, you can schedule and fire off personalized emails to your prospects straight from your Google account.

Because scheduling our emails and staying on top of them can be a real pain, let a tool take care of this from now on.

Tools can also track your click through and response rates so that you know what types of emails work better than others.

5. Sales Outreach Tools Make The Process More Streamlined

When the outreach process is more streamlined, it’s more efficient.

Tools are able to take care of so much of the process – from initial research to first contact, and then to the measuring of your results – that outreach is suddenly a more streamlined process.

This saves you time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

All in all, outreach tools are designed to make your life easier.

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You might always bring your A-Game to researching prospects in your niche, but tools speed up the process even more, and they also uncover prospects you might have missed, as well as key insights, such as their revenue.

From now on, sales tech should underpin your outreach campaigns so that you discover better leads while saving time.

When used properly, outreach tools help you research and discover the best prospects, communicate effectively with them, before analyzing your key metrics – such as email clicks and conversions – so that you can tweak your future campaigns.

Written by Anita Sambol, a content strategist and graphic designer at Point Visible digital marketing agency.

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Anita Sambol

Anita Sambol

Anita is a content strategist and graphic designer at Point Visible digital marketing agency. She has years of experience in designing graphics for web and running social media and content marketing campaigns. She loves cooking and football.