Outbound expert of the week – Nazareno Tomaselli

There’s no one right way to do outbound. That’s why each week we ask an expert to share their perspective on this channel. They share their tips on how to build it successfully. In each will answer a few questions about:

  • outbound use cases
  • preparing an outbound campaign
  • writing a killer outbound sequence
  • and more…

Meet Nazareno, CEO @

Nazareno Tomaselli

I am Nazareno Tomaselli, CEO at Vrand. I’m an experienced marketer, with an extensive 15-year track record of running digital outbound campaigns for B2C and B2B clients.

Vrand LLC is a strong company with a talented team that includes:

  • Marketers who run specialized research to make tailored prospecting.
  • Copywriters who create messages that attract attention.
  • Sales experts who bring the key decision-makers to the table.
  • Team of designers and web developers responsible for creating the assets for landing pages, social media, and sales decks.

What is outbound good for?

Outbound email marketing strategies are great tools for establishing new relationships and extending the network of B2B services and products.

At the end of the day, we at Vrand are all about generating quality leads. We provide high-quality prospects so that our customers can close new deals. Growbots is our primary tool for generating the initial contact, and we also go the extra mile by sending a LinkedIn direct message or calling the prospects to set up a meeting.

What should you pay special attention to when preparing an outbound campaign?

We spend time understanding our clients’ business models, value propositions, audience (company size, market segment, industry), and what they do to promote themselves.

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We also evaluate if our clients need any additional support (landing pages, sales decks, presentations) in order to ensure the campaign’s success. There is no point in investing in an outbound campaign if a webpage is outdated and contains no relevant information. Our team can provide all these services as well.

What are the 3 golden rules for writing a killer outbound sequence?

  • Your message must contain relevant content for the audience. Identify a pain point, something that they care about or struggling with.
  • Bring the solution to the table. Include a success story from an actual/former client that exhibits your expertise on the subject.
  • Keep it brief.

What makes your approach to outbound unique?

Vrand’s outbound approach makes sure that the reader of the message has a real need for the product/service that we are promoting. It takes a lot of prospecting effort to find the right companies and decision-makers, but it pays off with a significant return on investment.

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